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Mata Ortiz Trunk Show

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Selling Mata Ortiz through Facebook Online! Watch our FB page for featured Pottery Pieces TO-GO

Marko's recent buying trip means that there are always many new Mata Ortiz ceramic works to choose from!

Considered by many to be "the best pots on the planet", the Mata Ortiz collection is brought to you directly from a small village in Mexico and reveals a creative range from ancient traditional to daring contemporary visions. The work is mind-blowing in its creativity and detail.

With elegant forms and amazing delineation and iconography, Mata Ortiz ceramic work is exceptional and for sale everyday at Mojo Coffee Gallery.

Who's Your Mojo Mystery Artist?

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New Mystery Artists Every Week! 

With an international collection of ceramic cups and other ceramic works, PLUS walls full of fine art prints, paintings, photography, and more, Mojo's Mystery Artist selections will be continually posted on Facebook!

It's yet another Magical Mystery Mojo experience...

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